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Βελτιστοποίηση Φόρων
Βελτιστοποίηση Φόρων

Tax Optimisation

Our goal with Tax Optimiσation is maximizing the net return on investment and operating profits of our customers, offering solutions based on rational tax planning by combining and capitalizing on the tax advantages of different countries around the world as well as the double taxation conventions.

International tax planning is essential for better tax efficiency since the globalization of the economy, trade activation and investment are increasing as capital movement becomes easier and barriers to foreign investment are rapidly disappearing, while international trade are expanding significantly due to the removal of barriers to global markets. Ιnvestors and businessmen set up International Business Companies for the purpose of holding their participations around the world and carrying out their trading activities, in jurisdictions with low tax costs which enable them to maximize their after tax return on investment and help them to achieve efficient tax repatriation of profits.

TaxManagement, with its many years of experience, has the potential to provide advice and help customers create optimal tax structures to achieve their goals, as our executives are experienced and professionals with deep knowledge in accounting, advisory, law and taxation.

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Our International Department of Tax Planning has executives and directors with extensive experience in company formation in Bulgaria, establishment, operation, installation and new business development. As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

Included in package...

  • Tailor made case study and planning
  • Combination of ALL the individual Taxes per country according to your activity
  • Economic and Technical Analysis as well as the creation of scripts and motifs
  • Writing and stamping the results of the motifs
  • Apply scenarios in real-world conditions

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taxmanagement quaranteeTaxManagement is made up of executives with more than 20 years of experience in the field of finance as well as by a large-scale Legal Department with coverage in 9 countries.

The TM group of companies owes its continuous success and growth to the absolute confidential and secure way of managing its clients’ data. We thank our clients for their trust with new and leading services!.
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As a result we can offer Money Back Guarantee if not complied with the implementation schedule that will be given after a thorough inventory of your needs.

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Every service offered is covered by Professional Liability Insurance and all staff members, internal or external, are bounded with confidentiality agreements. Services offered by TaxManagement are always in line with the legislation and in accordance with EU Commercial Law and EU Tax Legislation.