International Tax Optimisation 


International tax planning is essential in achieving tax efficiency by exploiting the advantages of the different tax systems and the double tax treaties. TaxManagement can provide TaxOptimization and tax advice with respect to the appropriate jurisdictions and support to maintain the companies to the international investor. In addition, the company can assist the clients in setting up the optimum tax structures to meet their goals.

The globalization of the economy, the trade activity and investments are a growing trend as capital movements become more mobile and barriers to foreign investments are rapidly disappearing, while international trade transactions expand substantially due to the abolition of world trade barriers.

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As a result of it, investors and businessmen set up International Business Companies for the purpose of holding their participations around the world and carrying out their trading activities, in jurisdictions with low tax costs which enable them to maximize their after tax return on investment and help them to achieve efficient tax repatriation of profits.

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