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TaxCost Analysis

TaxManagement with TaxCost Analysis service aims to:

  • to find the solution to the problems arising during the process of costing Industrial & craft products and services to various businesses.
  • to make a determination of the different types of costs (labor costs, cost of consumables, etc.)
  • to make a determination of the Overhead General Costs.

How much does it really cost to you?

The ultimate objective of the process is the entity to achieve its goals without deviations by combining the best suggested retail price. More specifically, collecting, controlling and treating the primary cost elements we carry out the preparation of cost accounting statements, while we offer the possibility of drafting Budgets for Income-Expense (Drafts) for a selected period (month, quarter, semester, annual, etc.) to achieve the desired result, with a corresponding status monitoring Report (Budget Plan) for the studying the variations relating to financial structure, performance management and business policy.

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