TaxManagement with TaxVehicle service aims to offer to it's customers a complete solution for the purchase of a suitable vehicle (commercial trucks, passenger car, etc.) for their investment in Bulgaria. TaxManagement undertakes the market research for the most economical solution for you within the local market and official delegations, since we have the ability to negotiate and achieve for you great deals.

There is also the possibility of purchasing vehicles through financing programmes, leasing or operating leasing even for a new company without proven income is sufficient to pay 35% of the value of the car in advance. TaxManagement can organize this entire process, after we make the necessary market research with more than 30 banks to which we co-operate, looking for the best financial offer for you.

Low maintenance & Possession costs...

The vehicle market in Bulgaria is free and you can buy whatever you like and driving the vehicle is not restricted to any circulation within the limits of the EU. For Greek citizens should be noted that there are specific controls in Greece and for this reason we recommend obtaining a Permanent Residence Card in the country of Bulgaria. In other EU countries there is no limitation. The vehicle is subject to a 5 - year amortization of the balance sheet, while for cars type SUV with 5 +1 positions the entire amount of VAT (20%) of the purchase price is refunded to the company.

TaxManagement can also assist you with all the necessary from the Bulgarian statutory procedures (annual audit, insurance, road tax).

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