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  • 100% Digital Accounting without the need to send monthly accounitng documents in hard copies to our offices.
    Use cutting edge technology with hourly backups to safeguard your valuable data. Immediate and timely submission and implementation of statutory obligations...

  • We undertakes the opening of current bank account in Bulgaria saving you time and money. Bank accounts can be opened in your preferred currency.
    Service is offered ONLY to companies and NOT in physical persons for PERSONAL Bank Accounts.

  • Αυτοκίνητα Ονείρων

    Complete solution for the purchase of the right vehicle (commercial trucks, earthmoving machines, passenger cars, etc.) for your Corporate Fleet in Bulgaria. We undertake market research for the most economical solution...

  • Ανάλυση Κόστους

    Do you want to know the real cost of the products you sell, wheter it is servicew or products? Usually the majority of businesses "thinks" that they are profiting from the sale of a product or service, whereas in reality, silently but firmly, each sale has "damage" with the result that the fatal event occurs...

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategic Planning is matching the capabilities of your company and the opportunities available and is required both for large as for small and medium sized businesses. Planning is an important in any business...

  • Βελτιστοποίηση Φόρων

    International Tax Planning is essential for better tax efficiency since the globalization of the economy, trade activation and investment are increasing as capital movement becomes easier and barriers to foreign investment are rapidly disappearing, while international trade are expanding significantly due to the removal of barriers to global