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Citizenship for Money. The Bulgarian Passport is Among the 10 Most Expensive
Citizenship for Money. The Bulgarian Passport is Among the 10 Most Expensive

Citizenship for Money. The Bulgarian Passport is Among the 10 Most Expensive

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Bulgarian Passport is Among the 10 Most Expensive

CS Global Partners' experts in the Second Citizenship Survey 2017 found that 89% of people around the world would like to have a second nationality. A little over 34% of them state that they are ready to invest funds to obtain such citizenship. Moreover, these people would sacrifice 5% of their annual income to get the right to live in another country. 

Fortunately, many countries are implementing the Citizenship by Investment (CIP) program, within which anyone wishing to invest money in real estate or the economy can obtain citizenship in that country. It is logical for such a "purchase" to not come out cheaply. We will tell you about the 10 most expensive countries in this respect ranked by vestifinance.ru.

10. US - Visa EB5 for $ 500,000 The EB5 visa gives status that may then result in full US citizenship.

9. Spain - Gold visa for € 500,000 thousand ($ 580,286) Unlike the ordinary ne, the golden visa gives its holder the possibility of unrestricted residence on the territory of the country.

8. Bulgaria - Citizenship for $ 593 384 The law places several requirements on foreign investors wishing to acquire Bulgarian citizenship: Have acquired an D-type visa with the intention to obtain a permanent residence permit and have made an investment in the country of BGN 1 million ; Upon receiving a permanent residence permit, within one year they should increase the initial investment up to BGN 2 million. An additional condition is to keep their investment for at least two years after getting citizenship.

7. Canada - Citizenship for $ 800,000 The program, developed by the Canadian government, aims to attract rich entrepreneurs to the country. 

6. Turkey - Citizenship for $ 1 million The program was launched in January 2017. It gives 5 options for citizenship, three of which include investing over the years.

5. Malta - Citizenship for € 800,000 ($ 1 million)

4. Australia - Citizenship for 1.5 million Australian dollars

3. Cyprus - Citizenship for € 1.5 million

2. New Zealand - Citizenship for 3 million New Zealand dollars ($ 1.98 million)

1. UK - Visa for £ 2 million ($ 2.57 million) UK Tier 1 Investor Visa is one of Britain's most popular permanent residence options.

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