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Bulgaria : The Average Wage should Increase in 2019
Bulgaria : The Average Wage should Increase in 2019

Bulgaria : The Average Wage should Increase in 2019

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Increase in wages by between 12 and 15% in 2019

The average wage in Bulgaria should increase by between 12 and 15% in 2019. This expectation was made by the leaders of Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bulgaria and Confederation of Labour Podkrepa during a meeting with the business and the government, reports Darik. 
Employers' organizations, however, are not united on the projected increase in wages next year - the leaders of two of them expect double-digit growth in average wages, while the Industrial Capital Association admitted as a realistic increase of 8.5%, including the gray economy.

Today's meeting of ministers, business representatives and trade unions was to try to decide what to do next year to solve the problems people pose, said Plamen Dimitrov, president of CITUB. The fact is that there is a need for the double-digit income growth to continue and to be guaranteed next year.

Economy Minister Emil Karanikolov said that this year's investment growth was 2% and the business invested in machinery and equipment, which, in his words, is proof that the business community wants to stay in Bulgaria. "We are constantly saying that investment in Bulgaria has been decreasing, according to the latest figures in 2017, compared with € 400 million in 2016 compared to € 20 million in 2016, when there was no government for six months, "the minister said.


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